devloping of project in windows environment using NetBeans ide 6.9.1

22/10/2011 15:19

In short, the requirements for window management have become quite complex and can only be met by means of an external docking framework, otherwise all these various concerns would need to be coded (and debugged, tested, and maintained) by hand. The NetBeans Platform 6.9 provides all of these features via its docking framework, known as the NetBeans Window System. It also provides an APi to let you programmatically access the Window System. Together, the Window System and its APifulfill all the requirements described above, letting you concentrate on your domain knowledge and business logic rather than on the work of creating a custom window management facility for each of your applications.

NetBeans ide will help for devloping the projects like using the languages java,javascript,ejb,ajax,ruby and other can help you to devlop your project easily and it will more user friendly in compare to other ide in the market.


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